Our philosophy

Many high school and university students find it challenging to understand and analyze literature – poetry, short stories, novels, and plays – and to express their understanding in the clear and articulate manner required to excel in their English classes.

Excellent essay writing is not a natural gift that some students are born with, but a learned skill that all students can master. Over the teacher’s ten years of experience, the Avar Academy of Writing has collaborated with many English teachers to develop a distinct approach that brings structure and order to challenging literary concepts: the literary formula.

Literary formulas are applied to the analysis of literature and allow students to easily understand what teachers are looking for when marking an essay. Just as the diligent and conscientious student of math or science can get high marks by learning a variety of archetypical problems to which simple formulas can be applied, students of English can also improve their writing with the memorization and practice of the easy and logical literary formulas we use for writing academic paragraphs and essays.

The academy’s goal is to introduce students to these literary formulas and, through their application, equip them with life-long writing and critical thinking skills. We take pride in preparing students for the expectations of the high school system and, ultimately, smoothly transitioning them to university-level English in Canadian and American schools.

Students who are looking to improve their academic essay writing skills and maximize their writing potential – whether at the regular high school, IB, or university level – can greatly benefit from our classes.