I recently finished grade 12 and I’m happy to say that I received 98%. I believe that my success was mostly due to the lessons that I took from you [Susan] during the last school year. I think the projection of your voice is one of your strengths; it has a very rich tone which keeps me engaged during class. I enjoyed your straightforward methods when analyzing poems and stories. Some teachers go around in circles and never give a clear explanation of either the poem or short story being studied. You offer a precise analysis which has helped me improve my interpretation and understanding of poetry and stories. The literature pieces that we read were very enjoyable too. Overall, I feel that after taking your classes, I have greatly improved my critical analysis skills. I find that my writing contains less summary and a lot more insightful analysis. I would recommend your classes to my friends since they are a lot more productive and enlightening than regular school English classes. I’m ready to tackle any future university course. Thank you for everything!